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Sniffle sniffle..

Sniffling makes me sound like a rat. Stacked together with its other sibs, tied together with their tails wagging.

Gross, that is.

As I am typing this, obvz my big nose has nose goo in it, and I still could not say no to a corn ice-pop. And shockingly, there’s no more goo! Isn’t that outstanding? Inspiring? Intriguing? Hmm?


OKAY, so that was a lie. I’m still holding back my mucus, and I am out of tissues by now. So I got an ulcer in my mouth a few days back, and just today I got flu attack, yet again. Thanks to the innocent spring cleaning intention that I had in mind. Boy was my room dusty. And I forgot that I am allergic to dust bunnies. Maybe my room is the main reason of my flu attack? Damn you room. So spring cleaning was what I did for the whole evening. And for the finishing touch, I just had to spray Xtina Aguilera’s EDP, which turns out to be a lil bit overwhelming for my nose. And I am dizzy just about now.

OH by the way,

I am writing this to tell ya’ll that I might go on hiatus for a while. I got work to do during this weekends, thanks to my girl Iz, and by next week, I gotta start on my article which I have been procrastinating since ages, and I gotta start packing back to campus. For rehearsals. So stoked. Overly excited, yes I am.

Awkward pic as usual. As always. Me with that bow.

On a different note, I just can’t wait to chop off my hair. Like literally chopping. The hair that I have now is probably the longest I had throughout my life for 9teen  years, and it is growing like mad now. Longer. I really don’t mind if my original bushy hair that I had once got bigger and bigger, it will come handy when there’s an emergency to hide my face in case of embarrassment or something. But the artificially straight hair that I had now is killing me. Comb it every time after shower, do this, do that.Sigh. Place my head carefully on the pillow, so in the morning, I won’t find my hair in serious tangles. It is definitely tiring, this hair of mine. And I hate it when it is time for me to shampoo it. Boy, lots of work I tell you. Every strand of it must be taken care off. Every strand of it.


Why I am telling you this again?

Oh okay.

Big hair, you know I missed you.


2 comments on “Sniffle sniffle..

  1. eyharara
    December 4, 2009

    OMG your original hair is so hot!
    what makes u want to straighten it?
    i like its length now.
    hum lucky u, u have something to do over the holidays.
    hey jangan lupa study for next sem!!!

  2. yaneeee
    December 4, 2009

    babeng aku rindu rambut lamaaaa.

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