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Been hearing a lot lately

Mike check mike check.


Oh hyeeeeeeeee!! I’ve noticed that I did not blog about my favourite music at the moment for quite a while, so I guess this post will be it. Music for me is ever evolving. It’s like fashion too. Things get better and better, and new singers start to magically pop out of nowhere. It is insane. But what is so beautiful about music is that it actually tells a story. Sort of, if you take out all kinds of sexual innuendos from the songs we heard nowadays. You see, I really do not understand why you want to sing songs about hitting a girl at the bar and end up bedding her later. Or a song about asking a random guy to climb on your body. Those are the song that I choose not to listen. There are also, of course, songs that revolves around that but was nicely written in such mannerism where the beats are just too awesome, you just don’t give a damn what the songs are actually about.

Like some people I know, they just don’t give a chance for rock music to pass into their ear lobes. Or some sappy romantic songs from the 80’s. I think I am those who are a bit more open to music, as I am learning music myself, it is supremely important for me to corporate lots of different nature of sounds in my piece. So here are some that inspire me, so that my world won’t be too miserable to live in.

How I discovered them is interesting. I was browsing The Sartorialist , and there were a few pics that he shot for Burberry’s new webbie see, and it was Burberry- Art of the Trench. Because I was excited on what both the Sartorialist and Christopher Bailey had in mind, I just had to check out the webbie. So checking out the webbie I did. And the webbie had on some amazing acoustic music background and I was like ‘Who sang these songs?’. Eventually I found out it was by The Kooks, and now they had become a staple in my Shower Time playlist.

Here’s an awesome vid by them shot in France. Cool musicians I tell ya.

Love your man and love him twice. Go to Hollywood and pay the price.

  • Thinking of You, by Caprice featuring Annatasha

There is something attractive about Caprice ya know. He is terrific in rapping and he is a CEO of his own record label, and he is just 21. So that is somethin’. His latest song sounds fresh, and Annatasha’s voice is pretty charming too. However, I find Caprice’s random laughs later in the song tad annoying. Sorry man, the beats and the lyrics are awesome and all, but I know you are forcing yourself. It does not came out naturally. And seriously, Daman-sah-ra? Hahaha.

The official video clip is still not available, though the rough cut can be watched on his Myspace/Youtube Channel.

  • Thank God It’s Friday by RAN.

RAN, is an Indonesian trio made up of Rayi, Asta and Nino. They make fun, hip music us youngsters love to hear, I would say. The tree of them are currently juggling their lives with their music and Uni assignments (each of them are taking philosophy, computer science and visual design degree respectively). And this song is my personal favourite:

Slow jazz, funk, whatever you called it. I love them.

  • Ku Tak Ingin Bebas by Kaer Azmi

This fella is from my country Malaysia, and he is a product many can relate to American Idol, which is called Akademi Fantasia. He is The Mother’s favourite contestant,and I still remembered years back when she will vote and vote and vote for Kaer, so he could win the competition. But he did not, in the end. And The Mother was devastated. Hmph. I like him too. His voice is soooo smooth, and he can sing R&B songs amazingly. This song reminds me of Jamiroquai, and God knows how much I adore Jay Kay and his band. When I heard this song, it reminded me of Jay Kay. Very very funky.

Am going back to the other house tomorrow morning. Gotta do some spring cleaning there.Hmph.


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