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Finally, the fourth week had come to its presence.



Um, read? OK now.

So Christian Louboutin see, he is an awesome shoe designer. His killer heels are to die for. His sexy pumps are iconic. Ans if there is one thing that all women should have in their closet, the shoes made by this man is the one. Apart from the fact that the shoes made by him are super-pricey, the designs are just wonderful, no? Of course it gotta be pricey, it is in the nature of high fashion, no?

And then there’s Barbie, the one and only Barbie. The doll. The iconic doll. The perfect gift for young girls and sometimes boy alike. So both decided to collaborate ya know, Louboutin and Barbie. And I think the idea was fabulous. Because from the way I see it, if you had dressed the biggest celebrities in the world, you gotta do it for Barbie too. And that was what Maison Margiela did. What Versace did. What DVF, Badgley Mischka and etc did. The list could go on and on. So Louboutin decided to collaborate with her and came up with this:


Speaking of Louboutins, this girl might be those lucky ones who own a few pairs and loving them.

~Courtesy of WhoWhatWear~

She is Coco Rocha, a top supermodel, who just recently had decided to have her own fashion line.

So what she did was, posting a video at her bloggie, and asked her readers for some ideas to name her line.So yeah, she is currently working on a fashion line. Personally, there’s nothing big with her style. She just dresses nicely, ya know, the typical supermodel look? But I guess there might be more that she could offer. And who am I to say such things to her? I can’t even dress decently myself. Sigh. Somehow I kept on wishing that Agyness Deyn will make a capsule line for TopShop or something. Now that will be something that I will be screaming about.

By the way, I had this craazy idea to name her line CocoRoach.


This is a random shot of Anja Rubik, that I got from Jak+Jill. The flowy maxi dress in contrast with that structured blazer? Now that is what I called perfection.

And here is Carla Bruni, the First lady of France, the supermodel during th 80’s, and the singer.

So I wanna talk about the jacket she is wearing. First off, its is not a military jacket by Balmain. No it’s not. Look below if you could spot it. It is actually made by Stella McCartney for her capsule collection for Gap.

Did you see it?

I guess she nicked her son Aurelien’s jacket.lols. You see, there is a fine line between a fitted jacket, and a tiny jacket. Nevertheless, I am in love with the jacket Carla’s wearing. She pulled it off well, wearing a kid’s jacket, that is. Cheaper price too, don’t you think?

Oh speaking of high fashion lines for kids:

Here’s Jean Paul Gaultier’s take on kids fashion. I absolutely adore the reds.

Oh, how the world had blossomed into. I wished I could become a kid once more. No more will there be the days of ‘Honey, could you pass me that OshKoshB’gosh jumper? The baby’s freezing here.’

Now, it’ll be:

Could you please tell the driver to pick up the baby’s Burberry trench coat and his Jean Paul Gaultier bottoms from the dry cleaning? And don’t forget his tiny Armani suit.


So that’s all for now, I am still working on Part Dos.

Till then, let your mind to love fashion!


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