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Unlikely at this day and age.

I was in terrible shock when I heard Lily Allen’s voice coming out of nowhere. And then I figured it out. It was from the Chanel webbie I was trying to browse in my room. K.Lagerfeld listens to Lily? Hmm. Anyway, I woke up around 1145  today after The Mother called and right after she hung up, I discovered that I got a baby ulcer in my mouth. So unexpected, yet equally annoying and painful. The Family and I arrived back home after a 4 day ‘so-called’ vacay in Penang with the Grandmama around 245 today morning. I swear to God I will never leave my beloved laptop at home anymore. I almost die of boredom at Penang, nothing much to do, but to read and re-reading the daily newspaper. I was perky by the time we arrived home and the first thing I did was  of course, do some on-lining. Is David Hasselholf dead? Who is getting married to who? What’s up with the Hopenhagen Convention? Yeah, that kind of stuff. Boring stuff for  you, awesome for me.

~Penang 2008~

So there are a few things that I wanna tell you during my stay at the Grandmama’s for the past 4 hazy and lazy days. The Family and I were at the Gurney Drive for dinner, and it was a Saturday night with lots and lots of people munching food and there we were, standing in the middle of it all, hungry (me: moody) and practically not seated. It was that packed. But then a random thing happened. As we wait and wait and hoped that it won’t rain in Penang that night, a kind amoi (a term used for a Chinese lady) nudged the Mother. She pointed to a table where a bunch of people were seated and told the Mother that that’s her family, and that they are leaving. How kind of her to lead us to her table, so that we could enjoy our dinner after hers. It was something like in the cartoons, where suddenly the empty table was surrounded by angelic lights and there are back vocals doing chorus-like Ooohs and Aahs. I can’t believe kind people still exist in this world. That amoi proved me wrong. So we ordered our meals and then in unison me and the Mother agreed that the dinner was unsatisfactory. It was just okay. And an okay is definitely not a good sign. There is a need for food to be prepared with integrity, and love and passion. But it was just not in my fried Char Kuey Tiaw. It was not in the Mother’s Laksa. It tasted bland. And that is why I strongly dislike about going to popular hot spots, because some of them do things for the sake of doing it, and not for a genuine intention of loving what they do. I hope you get what I mean.

Get out of my life you creatures. You do me no good.

Also, I discovered another new thing about myself. I hate ants. Can I see a show of hands to those who adore this tiny things? It is something like in a horror movie I would say, and this happened at the Grandmama’s house. So I decided to munch on a cookie and WHAM a million ants are already doing their dance around the cookie jar. At dinner, I decided to reheat them dishes that was untouched since lunch, and WHAM a bunch of ants already helping themselves to it. Got back from the Father’s aunt’s place with food, put it on the table for merely two full minutes and WHAM, those annoying little creatures had already start climbing into the plastic bag. I’VE GOTTEN PARANOID FROM THIS LITTLE THINGS. They are everywhere around the house. I really really dislike ants. And I do not want to discuss about this things any further.

Our usual four and half hour drive to Penang instead took up seven hours of my life due to the major traffic jam in Perak’s highway. During our tired journey in the car, we managed to listen to the Mother’s full CD collection from MJ to some random Korean hits to even weirder instrumental pieces with birds chirping, to M.Nasir (which I loved), to ABBA and so forth. I love sleeping in the car, but from this excruciating experience, I am tired. Three extra hours stuck in the jam, not good.





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