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‘Um, hello? I apologize for not posting this last week. I hope this post will patch things up okay?’

So let keep things rolling for Week 3, shall we?

Read on, loves!

Aren’t these lovely, people?

These are the latest from United Nude, a brand obviously not sold in my country. I always have this awesome relationship with my black old booties, but somehow I find these multi-coloured booties a nice, fresh change for me. I love how the printed details are on the booties, do you? And notice the chili-red architectural heels top left? Sexy Sexy Sexy. And the Troy-inspired red shoe in the middle? Love Love Love. Geez, can somebody please buy me one of each??

A freeze frame from the movie 42nd Street, shot during those days in 1933.

I’m not saying that I’ve watched this, though I wished I had. Found this at some random website (which rather embarrassingly, I forgot to take note which webbie) and at first I thought it was a freeze frame from a Hollywood remake movie. You know why? Notice the lady in the middle? The one in those to die for puffy sleeves and that short overalls? Yeah, that one. I mistakenly thought she is Katie Holmes! Seriously. And the lady on her left? She looks just like Maggie Gyllenhaal!!!! Oh the high waisted pants! Come to me! Man I adore old fashion.

A candid taken at Gianco Ferre SS2010.


It must be hard for a model sometimes, innit? And one thing that I dislike about putting eyeliner on is that my eyes will water immediately, eventhough I tried to roll my eyes as high as I can. The first experience that I had having an eyeliner on was just this year, because I am not big with make-up to start with. One of my make-up artist friend insisted to try her eyeliner on me, and it was such a scary experience for me to undergo. I hate the tiny itchy pain. I can’t bear with it. But I am, indeed, like many others, in love with it.

All hail to the Original Barbie!!

As I’ve said earlier, I simply adore old fashion. Retro-ish, this one, non?

My bestfriend and I had our fair share of love towards Barbie. She is so lucky, isn’t she? Armani dressed her, Versace too and recently Christian Louboutin decided to collaborate with her for his new fashion spread project.(I will post about this particular issue later next week, I promise.)


The first editorial spread that butters me, and also the main reason for me to purchase my very first American Vogue. Steven Meisel’s work is extraordinary, ya know? No doubt about it. And look at this picture, SUPERMODELS GALORE!  He is besties with the stunning Linda Evangelista, and many models nowadays owe a lot from his for their own supreme. And look! Agyness Deynn looking oh-so-cool. Love her the most. And Naomi, beside the man himself? Beautiful hair, I must say. Loving the sultry look.

~courtesy from Coco Perez~

Guess who brought back colours on the red carpet? The chic Natalie Portman of course. Love the sticking colours on her fair skin. This look is not GaGa-ish to start with, neither it looks glamalicious like how Beyoncé always appear on the red carpet, but this particular look is just fresh. And nice. And very Natalie. I start to like her red carpet looks since she put the Cannes crowed with their jaws open dressing daringly like this:

Love her. Maybe I should make a special post about her soon. Soon.

Isn’t this the awesome-est piece of clothing you wished to own? Hmm?

I love it, a simple cashmere black pullover with printed hand-drawn pocket details. This is designed by a London-based designer, named Rosalind Keep, for the British brand, Oasis. Sigh. Can we please have this kind of clothing be in our shores soon?????

And I think that her designs are just too awesome for words. So cute, yet so chic.

So the recent AMAs was as expected, OTT, and very entertaining, mainly because my favs are singing. Lambert, Shakira and GaGa had the best performances, but I am totally into RiRi’s outfit for her performance. And the shoulder pads shoots lasers too, ya know? Super-cool.Very revealing, but super-cool nonetheless.

Isn’t this the cutest?

A My Little Pony vamped up as Lady GaGa?

This just proves how powerful fashion is you know? How influential fashion is in all our life aspects, known or unknown. To have a Lady GaGa-inspired toy pony is just one of the many. I love the dark glasses!

Oh yeah, speaking of Lady GaGa, I just found an awesome song by her titled Fashion. She sings the awesome-est song, no? And I could feel that there might be designers who wanted this song to play on their runaway. I knew it because, I secretly want it myself. (Though I am nowhere a fashion designer whatsoever)

So that’s it then, my entry for last week. Am tired still from the tiring journey back home from Penang, but I will definitely enjoy some more Internet moments and post up many more of the fascinating randoms of the fashion world. Till then, let your mind to love fashion!


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    December 1, 2009

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