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What I learned so far.

So I have been doing this all day, after a hearty breakfast of fat toasts and garlic sausages and cheddar eggs and quick mash. And I also gain some fans from my immature breakfast cooking ya know: The Mother’s colleagues. Had to wake up 10 minutes earlier to prepare extra for three. As my brain is still groggy form the night before’s dream, I somehow managed to make Monday’s French toast and banana chutney and caramel and granola sauce for drizzling. Man I’m fat.

Flamingo dancing (as I called it) to Jamiroquai and MC.

Oh how unproductive of me.

I know.

Anyway, because being 9teen had taken a toll on me (like 9teen, seriously?) I gotta sit back and think about stuff in life that I had to remember not to do in the future life. But of course, being as ignorant as a person wished to be, you may find ridiculous things stated here. I don’t give a fuck, so neither should you.

  • Profanity are for rappers and P.Diddy only. (He does not do any serious rapping, does he?) Profanity makes you sound good, gangsta and superior. Yes sometimes it slipped out naturally due to some constant rap songs hearing and the Westernization that give an impact to young minds, but I guess profane words should just stay in raps. Like the saying goes ‘Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’? Yeah apply it to profanity. Ok I am crapping now. Moving on.
  • Nobody should deserve to be called ‘stupid’. This S-word should not even exist in the dictionaries, don’t you think? I mean, when you spat out the S-word to somebody, does that means your cleverer?HMMMM?? CLEVERER?! I don’t think so.  The pain to be called the S-word is unbearable ya know, and I know it because I have been called that for the majority of my lifespan. It’s painful, so painful that it is like carving one of Anjelina Jolie’s knife collection to your fat thighs. That kind of pain. And to make it worse, it sticks to the mind of the person. I myself remember and secretly hate those people who spat out the S-word on my face, and if killing is okay both legally and religiously, I’ll kill them first. But because those people will get the balasan later in the after life, I guess there’s no point arguing with them about who’s cleverer and what not now. But seriously, people should think before they say something. How I wish people do that often.
  • To force somebody, is to kill somebody. So yeah, you are forced to eat broccoli when you are a kid, and forced to sleep early for school the next morning and forced to read English and practice your Maths every night and forced to learn piano when you think it is outdated. Forced forced forced. Parents have a habit to do that. Teachers too. Bosses too. But you see, in terms of handling your own life, you have your own right to handle it. To decide upon all the actions you do. To be responsible for every act you intend to do. Everyone posses this power to decide when he/she knows what he/she will face later on.  The forcing method may be okay when you are little, and when your parents are happy to see you as their little robots, but when you had reached the turning point of your life, many referred to as adulthood, seriously, you gotta do what you gotta do. As for me, if that makes you (the other people)  feel unhappy, then be it. I myself need to be happy first, yes? Because life is supposedly about happiness and pink bunnies and marshmallow clouds, I am sticking to this. Selfishness, in a good manner.
  • Never take up the Gross Challenge. Always take a bath everyday, and always put your hygiene matters first. Today evening is the first bath that I treated myself  since I choose to be stinky since I got back here (at home) on Sunday. I never felt as fresh as how fresh I am feeling now. I swear to God I will never take up the Gross Challenge again. But nevertheless, I am proud to say that I did took up that Challenge for the sake of trying. But please, everyone, don’t think about it.
  • To do everything BIG, is a vital thing to lead you life with. Dream big, think big, eat big (not kidding), have a big tummy, have a big boyfriend mistakenly identified as a blown-up version of Hercules, etc. I suppose and I believe that each and everyone of us is very dependent towards other’s opinions, whether to say this/that out loud, or to do this thing that might/might not become a success. Can we please change that slowly?? Like really slowly? Because it ain’t doing this generation good. You see, the way I see life is, when you intend to do something, the DO it. And stop complaining and stop blaming others for not achieving what you want, because the thing in you is stopping it from happening. If you love Porches, and you want to own it, then don’t let the others laugh about it. Do whatever it takes to own it. If you wanna marry Zac Efron, then go for it. Kill Vanessa Hudgens or something. Get it??
  • Ignorance is a sin. Or in other famous quotes, ignorance is a form of s-dity. Never ignore other people’s suffering. Try to not ignore. If you have a gay friend battling with homophobia on a daily basis, then try to help. Or at least, don’t make his/her life worse with your presence. That is not what friends are for.
  • And finally (for now), if somebody dared to look down at ya, and try to degrade you or thinks that you are not good enough at doing things that you personally think you are good at, don’t turn your back to them and give em the middle finger. Walk with pride and give him/her that sexy dangerous eye shot. That’ll teach em. Or realistically, just walk away from those kind of losers. Soooo not worth your time.

So tell me, does generous amounts of carbs being shoved to my mouth resort to excessive crapping like the above?


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