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So this is it, then?

I can not help it but smile sheepishly when I got inspired to write this post.

What kind of friend are you?

– I guess a true friend will anticipate the day you and her/him will meet up even it is a month away.

– A true friend will secretly took out a strand of a thread from your bushy hair.

– For me, a true friend will return your call even if it’s after a week you called her, and she was halfway sleeping at that   time.

– A true friend for me will laugh when you are freaking out about death, but somehow, weirdly, will calm you down.

– A true friend also, will try to understand the love you had towards cheesecakes and the likes even though it is clearly, unhealthy.

– I suppose and I believe, a true friend will have you in his/her prayers. Definitely. Even if you might think it won’t happen because you treat her like a b*tch or something equivalent to it.

– Everyday I tell myself, (ok, not technically everyday, but you know what I mean.) that the people in my life that I called friends, are the essence that shaped me as I am today. They correct me, b*tchslap me to stay true to myself (verbally b*tchslapping included), and acts as an active motivator machine when I am down.

– A true friend will hear you out when you start crapping about the guy that you are not sure you like as a person or like him as a boyfriend. She will always give you her ears, and at  the end of the day, eventhough you like that fella so much, she will end up saying ‘He is not worth it, and I won’t be happy if you are with him.’ And a true friend will also give an honest opinion about the same guy, for example, ‘So which guy in this picture you are referring to? Whoa! The one that looks like Hercules?!’ Right.

– Sometimes, a true friend will see right through you based on the random writings you did, and she will then emailed you and say ‘How come everything is so dark?’

– Also, a true friend, somehow, will rasa berat hati to answer the big question: WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOUR BDAY?. Eventhough she secretly made a list of things that she wanted in life (sometimes in two copies of notebooks) she just can’t make up her mind to answer you because she/he will naturally feel guilty.

A true friend is there because you know he/she will back you up.

A true friend is what she/he is, because it is stated so.

A true friend will  die together with you, if death matters are not in God’s hands.

A true friend is honest, because honest is the synonym of true.

A true friend will be someone you will struggle to hate.

A true friend will take up a bajillion years to make a list to start hating you, and gave up doing that filthy list because it is impossible.


So maybe other people define true friend differently, but this is the way I see it. I can’t be all poetic to gush about the awesome, kind people who are in my life, so I end up writing rather pathetically like this. I can’t ask a better friend like all of you (You know who you are, smart asses.) and eventhough I must shamefully admit that I do not own/have/belong to many friends, the only few that I am friends with are extremely generous with their love, and I am blessed for that. I am happy and grateful for that.

And she made me cry when words that are too kind starts to come out. Kind words that are not meant for me .

And this one too, really deep. Really beautiful.



4 comments on “So this is it, then?

  1. tasha lai
    November 22, 2009

    good one .M….=)
    terharunya ada gambaq i?hahahahha..
    so i nie tergolong dalam true friend tak?eventhough i jarang nk pull strand of a thread from your bushy hair. hahahha
    miss u…

  2. iz
    November 24, 2009

    yess ada muka i!

    • asille
      November 24, 2009


  3. yanie
    February 11, 2010

    makcik,jum kawen !
    hee 🙂

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