my random musings, now in words.

I guess the Devil got into me so tell me how can I cure myself.

Yours truly is currently: MAD at the Father, for not bringing the huge box that she wanted to fill her law notes/books  into (which means she gotta carry her books back to forth from her room for a dozen times), got a madder when she heard the azan Zohor amidst all that lugging because to her it sounds as if the person is trying to force everyone to pray to God (it is just wayyy to loud you know, I felt bad writing this out anyway.), fumed up when she starts to listen to Hotel Room Service by Pitbull after she tiredly squeezed in all her stuff from the college room into the tiny car (the song is pretty damn annoying, to say the least.) and so she tried to search for the Mother’s t.A.T.u CD, which is nowhere to find in the cramped car, and the Father later told her that the family had the heart-clogging KFC dinner last week when I was not around, and upon her arrival at the Home, she discovered that nobody in the family cared enough to save some of  the heavenly butter cookies that she loves so much, and instead, leaving her the black metal box used to store those cookies for display.

However, she cooled down when: in the car, the Father told her that the Sister’s dental problems are doing fine, and the Sister also got recognition by her fellow teachers for getting an A for Science in school, saw a guy in his late 20s limping his way on the sidewalk to catch a bus (and it is about to rain also), and was happy that there will be a Da Vinci exhibition the she yearned to go for ages, throughout this month.

Also, she is so proud at the Sister as she got a big fat A for Art at school.(Proud as a sister, and as a personal Art teacher.)

This is the card that I thought the Sister to do for her Art exam two weeks ago.

And below is the one she did during the day itself.

Not too shabby for a seven-year old, no?

So as for today, I am so pleased that I got my own old bed to myself, and am now indulging into a big bowl of fettuccine and my own cheesier version of bolognaise. Though I may found myself fat at the end of the day, I have no words to explain this thing that I am feeling with food, but to say that I am happier fat. I am happy now, right this moment. For now.

But I guess one cannot have too much of happiness, right? Because I believe sorrow will always be there on cue.


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