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Juggling these all at once: a big fat tummy still busy digesting  today’s lunch, downloading Janet Jackson’s  interview with Robin Roberts for ABC on the beloved Youtube, fighting the urge to gobble up the leftovers of the super-creamy (and yet super-fattening) Oreo Cheesecake that I had for brunch with Eyharara today(which is btw, put the one made at Secret Recipe to shame), listing down the pros and cons of the potential malls me and my girl A will be going to this coming Wednesday, cracking my head for the article I am supposed to write for MIFA, trying to adjust my schedule for a day out with The Best friend and listening to Kanye West to push over the fact that people I know in existence are dying by day. Okay, I am officially well on my way to bezerk-ness.



Yes, I am those fortunate people who are crazy for the Twilight series.

Hmm, maybe the word crazy is too much? How about avid fan??

Much better, thank you. Aaaaanyway,

One vital thing you gotta know about Oscar De La Renta.:


So Kristen, it’s either that bad angle when you pose with Taylor, that awesome bloated tummy of yours, or the fact that you are pregnant. Hmm.

Here’s Cher doing some shopping.

If only I could turn back time.

If only she knew how gorgeous she is in flesh, the first thing I think she’ll do is to take out that cheesy hippie head accessory she is donning, and burn that gruesome boots to ashes.


Got this awesome campaign picture from WWF.

In my opinion, nobody, should wear real fur. It is ugly as a fact, ugly as a coat because it will eventually swallow you up, showing only your tiny head, and ugly as a fashion statement all together. Either you looked like a pimp, or some lady dressing up for Halloween as a super-furry animal, I suggest everyone should start banning this as a whole. I love the fact that Stella McCartney is supporting this campaign. Anna Wintour and Donatella should take note I suppose. Terrible terrible terrible. Almost inhumane. Yeah that’s the right word for it.

So if you feel like splurging on one, check this one out first.

And then you think again.

Next up, the goss bout Hermes and Oprah. (Yeah, the one and only Oprah.)

So here’s the story. Oprah and her entourage went to Hermes in Paris when she was unexpectedly, denied access to the posh store. Some say that the French had issues with North Africans at that time. To make it worse, Oprah was barely recognizable, as she was on her hols sans the heavy make-up. Some say, Oprah decided to get into Hermes when it is nearly time to close the store. Whatever the real story happened to be, this is what they called the Crash Moment for a person named Oprah Winfrey.

Hermes French store assistant: We apologize Madame, we not zink zat you can get inside thiz store.

Oprah: Why not? I got the money! I can buy this whole fashion house. Just lemme in! Is this how your mama raise you? You ain’t got ethics girrrrll!

Anyway, lastly for this week,

Victoria Beckham always looks polished, no?

Here she is at an American school, as a part of her massive campaign of Save The Children. She, along with her first son Brooklyn, went to this school and do the usual charity stuff, read books, and make the children feel happy and appreciated. She is the ultimate soccer mom, no? From her plastic WAG days, she is now a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry, (though massively dependent on her celebrity), her line of dresses from dVb are soaring, and she is flying from coast to coast making new deals for the upcoming season. Oh how this Spicegirl had bloomed into. I LOVE HER.

And I adore her smile.

(Cuz maybe she seldom smile in public pictures, and prefers to pout instead, I AM MAKING A BIG DEAL OF THIS THANK YOU VERY MUCH.)

Screw the Brangelinas.

Victoria, can you adopt me please?

I hate law school.

Pretty Please?


The rain had stopped, and I am hungry.

Till then, let your mind to love fashion!


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