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10 Fashion Randoms: Week 2, Part Uno

Finally, my EXAMS ARE OVAHH, which I am superbly thrilled about. So we are done probably around 1030 in the a.m, so then followed the Roommates for brunch, and later found out that they can’t prepare my favourite dish because it is still in the morning (technically). Chin up, (though  my fat tummy starts to grumble) I sat down and browse the newspaper as  they eat their brunches rather passionately and talked and talked and talked. The Girls decided to have brunches themselves, but I insisted that I  go with the Roomates instead, (AND FELT SOOO DISSAPOINTED WHEN I DISCOVERED THAT THEY WONT BE SERVING MY FAV DISH.HMPHHH). So right now, it is almost 4.13 p.m as I am typing this, had lunch at my ol’ hostel, watched the heart-wrenching story of Mom at Sixteen on Youtube, as the Roomates are gone doing something better awesome-er than this, and the Girls are off for some shopping that I am not known of. Okay.

So 10 Fashion Randoms: Week 2, Part Uno.

So why part Uno? Well, because I am busy kissing my law notes all night and snuggling with my notebooks during the day, that’s why. And because I need the time to search for ehem the real gooood stuff to put in this post. Anyway, Here’s this week’s dose.



.31 Rue Cambon.

These are the editorial spreads that I got from Purple Diary, which is actually made by His Greatness Karl Otto Lagerfeld of Chanel. He collaborated with Oliver Zahm for this, and as it was reported, it will be sold at all Chanel stores worldwide. Fashionistas, fashion lovers, fashion freaks, GET EXCITED, GET FAMILIAR. As for me, it is the perfect excuse for me to step into the Chanel stores that includes bitchy, snobby 30-something assistants waiting to sneer at ya.

Ok cry, Rihanna, cry. When I saw her dress on E!, my jaw hung as wide as my favourite St Dalfour fruit preserve jar cap. I was gobsmacked, in a bad way. So you wear that kind of dress to a ceremony which presents you the Woman of the Year award? Really? The folds are just tacky. (What are those exactly, metalic paper?!) I also noticed the obvious zipper which I mentioned in the earlier post, had become a booming trend. Anyways, with all due respect, this Stephane Rolland creation should just stay on the runaway. ON THE RUNAWAY RIHANNA. GET IT?

Oh the magnifique colours! (swoons)

The above are some of the talented Nicholas Kirkwood’s shoes that he made back in 2009. I just love the colours. Purple and snake skin? Awesome. He is a British shoe designer and obvz the Brits love their colours! My personl favourite are the one in green and the pink one beside it.

Speaking of shoes, here’s Daphne Guinness in her 90degree patent heels. No words to describe, really. Her toes are bent to a 90degree angle!  I just do not want to know her feet’s condition.

Wait what? what?

Who the hell is she you asked?

She is Daphne Suzannah Diana Joan Guinness, the heiress of the Guinness family, and got married (and divorced) to a rich Greek billionare from the Niarchos family. (Yeah, the same bunch one of Paris Hilton’s exes is from.)

And to wrap this post up, I would like to raise the issue of wearing your undergarments as a major part of your garment. Undergarments are meant to be UNDER your garments, no? Both of these actress, carried these looks during Prada’s book launching. Loving it?  Very haute couture, nonetheless.


Till then, let your mind to love fashion!


2 comments on “10 FASHION RANDOMS: WEEK2, PART UNO.

  1. wyna noh
    November 18, 2009

    hahaha..i dont get wht rihanna is trying to do either..but i still think tht it would be a different story if it was charlize theron who was wearing it (simply bcz she has the ‘model’ frame) anyways the chanel mag- to die for! try wear selipar jepun an enter the shop grab the mag, pay and give the bitch look at the sales girl and walk off..LOL! that would be fun and funny.. agree? but usually m’sia brings in tht kind of stuff in limited end up only the vvips of the shop could buy it- yet another reason why we should say FUCKED UP!..but hey welcome to m’sia ;p

    • asille
      November 19, 2009

      Yes!OMG Charlize HAS tht model-like body!! (tak silap i she was a model dulu.hmm.) anyway, YES SUCH A BUMMER BOUT THT CHANEL magazine if limited amount je ada kat KL.hmph.gotta do a back up plan.(wink wink).

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