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So lets start.

This new post will run for ten weeks straight, if of course, I am constantly got inspired by the life and the world. Or else, it will take me about 20 weeks or so, but whatever, I’ll try to keep this in a ten week span. The reason I decided to do this string of fashion post is because at some occasions, I might find interesting things but unfortunately, not sufficient enough to be included in just a post, because it’ll be too short, just to be talking about a thing.

So yeah, 10 fashion randoms.

First and foremost, Miss Dakota Fanning;

25yr old dakota

She looks AH-MAYY-ZIING, no?

This photo is for the fashion spread in Teen Vogue.

Love the leopard print body-hugging mini dress, but to come and think of it,  she certainly does NOT look like a 15 year old cheerleader from some private school. She looks like a 25 year old Dakota Fanning, and that’s kind of bad thing, don’t you think? I though fashion is an expression of oneself, and obviously Teen Vogue’s team should know better. A 15 year old looking like a 25 year old? A definite NO~NO.

And then we will be discussing bout Emanuel Ungaro.


You know Lindsay Lohan? So um yeah, she just happened to be this season’s artistic director for Ungaro, and it practically shocked Anna Wintour herself. (Bless her soul. I mean, Anna, not Lindsay). So the reviews for this collection was as expected, negative, but I can’t help feeling bad for Linds also. I mean, yeah, I must confess that some just looked plain costume-ish or tacky in other words, but like the picture above, I personally like it.

Or maybe because of the contrast between the super-bright white shift dress and the model’s rich brown skin that makes the whole look absolutely good? In my opinion, it eventually may look awesome/good/fantastic in some fashion editorials, but will look tacky on sidewalks. Well, that’s what I think, at least.

Next up, my favourite out of em all.


The above collection are made by David Delfin for Davidelfin. He’s from Madrid, but showed off his second collection in NY, and randomly he decided that ‘You know what, I’m not gonna do a piece of black garment at all. AT ALL.’ So this was what happened. The spring collection marked his decade long journey in the fashion industry, and with that he presented his collection in white, navy, green and blues. (Which obviously reminds me of the Listerine flavoured collection.LOLS.)

How come Malaysia does not make the Vanilla Mint flavor?!

David Delfin, I adore your for choosing such a shocking pallete for the whole collection. Kudos to you.


The secret to make your grandfather’s old wool cardigan look high-fashion:



Hello world, I’m Camilla Belle, ya know, one of the many Joe Jonas exes? I am wearing McQ today to show him that I still got my fashion senses.



I never expected it’ll looked like this up close, but  somehow, deep in my brain, I was thinking, why does the diamante on the sleeves reminds me of some costume during my kindergarten days when every girl in class had to dress like a fairy? Besides the sleeves, I really love the ruffles though.

But seriously, the diamente sleeves? WHY?!

designweek 020 dutch09

Found this at some random (and forgotten) website which displays a whole lot of creation by the Dutch at their own Design Week this year. First off, the organza looks fabulous, (because organza does not usually hugs the body at the first place, due to its thickness which is not that thick.) The pleats and the geometrical inspired designs on the bodice too, are awesome. If only I know who is the designer. Hmm.

kimberly ovitz

These are designed by Kimberly Ovitz, though I taught the one on the right looks similar to Alexander Wang’s sheer t-shirts.


Here are some celebrities who dons Ovitz’s dress with the flattering cut-out back. (from I’ve noticed the trend of having a huge and rather obvious zipper is booming now, and Topshop had done the same too. I like the dress because it trick’s the other people who are looking at you, ya know? They’ll be like ‘Oh she’s wearing some niffy boring LBD.’ BUT THEN when ya turn around, you’ll left them with their jaws dropping.heh.

And now for an update on Burberry.


Burberry made a huge comeback this year at London’s Fashion Week, and Christopher Bailey made Burberry hip again by having Emma Watson of the season’s face. He then took a step forward by making a new webbie titled Burberry- Art of the Trench for those who owned the label’s iconic trench coat. All you gotta do is snap a picture of you in the trench, and submit it on the webbie. Simple kan?

So it is only natural for Burberry to collaborate with the famous Sartorialist, to promote the webbie. Like the above, is one of the many images snapped by him for Burberry. If I happened to have a pair of twin boys in the future, I’ll definitely dress them like this. Oh, look how the new generation had become so fashionable. Sigh.

It thought me that, you can never be too early to look stylish. Parents, take note.

carolina herera jr

On a different note, here’s a picture of Carolina Herrera’s daughter’s bathroom. It had a built in closet too, which is super-fine. A bathroom oozing with colours and interesting knickknacks. I LOVE it.

Finally, to wrap up this post,

I present you, Victoria Beckham.


Oh hello David.

Notice her controversial heels? (Eh wait a minute, there’s NO HEELS! shocking!)

Here’s a closer look.


I know, I know, the fashion world had heard and saw (and some, purchased) this creation by Antonio Berardi but I just had to put it here because I am very interested with it. This heel-less PVC creation put me in awe because it makes Victoria looking like some mutant from outer space with a flair in fashion. You see, the thing with PVC is that, it’ll make you sweat even more when you wear it. Remember Britney’s Oops I Did It Again red catsuit? That was made by PVC too. So if you care to squint you eyes a little bit, you could see blotches on Vic’s legs, and that show’s she is sweating SOO MUCH under the awesome boots by Berardi. Britney’s catsuit looks awesome on TV because of the lighting, mind you. So yeah, PVC and the body of ours: NOT GOOD.

Can’t wait 4 next week’s post.

Till then, get your mind to love fashion.



One comment on “10 FASHION RANDOMS: WEEK1

  1. eyharara
    November 13, 2009

    im amazed with vic beckham’s heels too!
    but imagine the pain that is being put onto her feet

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