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You are not alone

Whisper three words and I’ll come running.


How do you know that you have loved that person long enough to make him/her yours?

What is it like being loved by a somebody besides your blood and your friends?

How on earth can you whisk away the feelings you have for this person, but at the end of the day, realistically, you know that he will never know how much you feel bout him/her?

look of admiration

Love is a strong feeling, innit? Nobody can know the level of your love towards somebody (your brother, your spouse, etc.), but they at least, know that you really really love that somebody, and you’ll do EVERYTHING for him/her. I forgot the last person I fell in love with, because I guess, I did not love him enough. But of course, like many normal homosapiens around me, I would like to have the feeling again. Eh wait a minute, I never felt being loved.

I had stupid crushes obviously, but I never never had a real relationship with a somebody. Normality at it’s best, I guess, its hard for me to trust people ya know? So um yeah.


  • Somebody gave me a random message which said ;
  • Every little smile can touch somebody’s heart. May you find a hundred of reasons to smile today and you be the reason for someone else to smile always.

    (I can never make up a hundred reasons to smile though, but i DID smile once i received that message)

  • I remembered on my Graduation Day during high school, somebody anonymously gave me a rose.Though I felt bad a beautiful rose is plucked, I felt loved
  • .My brother was like ‘You’re so stupid with computers. Let me fix it’. I felt annoyed at first, but felt loved a lil later.
    • Oh yeah, this is new, I just HAD to type this out, because I though this sounds so FICTIONAL but it is really not, because it actually occurs on me;

    So this fella right, a friend of my friend’s brother. My friend see, she was all like ‘ You know this guy likes you, and he said he saw you ages ago in some mall and then when he saw you during your performance this year, he was so sure that you were the one he saw in that mall. He likes you.’

    He likes you. Eh? I acted as a GUY during the performance.hmm.


    I felt floaty inside for a while, but I was like ‘Heck, what if that fella is not the kind that pleases me?’ So I decided not to think about it that much, and rather concentrate on other things. Like how can I meet my dream guy or something random like that, OR something like this below:

    One of my favourite love songs ever.

    This song makes me think of you. With words that say what I’m not saying.

    Oh I’m such a sick romantic. Was it because of the flu?


    2 comments on “You are not alone

    1. nasyrah ash
      November 7, 2009

      i must say, u have really cool and true opinions on this matter.
      and for me, i believe love is a weird mysterious, so random, so abstract.
      being in and out of love made me vowed to not easily love a guy again.and mushy love is one hell of a blood mess.but for a reason, these love bugs keep on biting me.very big DAMN.hahah
      even so, i’m a romantic novels/movies/songs/poetry freak.

      i’m definitely a weirdo


      • asille
        November 7, 2009

        babes, i second that. love IS a weird thing. Its a huge commitment ya know, and you gotta be responsible for it.
        anyhoo, thanks for your kind remarks.

        p/s: Weirdo is one of a kind thing,love. Flaunt it.


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