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784213357~Uitm, 2008, MUET prep~

I am at home now, having some terrible flu at the moment. Nevertheless, I found my very first introductory essay that I wrote last year, and I couldn’t help smiling about it. I missed the joy during Foundation year, and I absolutely missed my funkayy frenzies there. I called one of my closest yesterday, and I cried. Hmm, hormones maybe? Yes hormones, i should think.

Finals start on Monday, and just so you know, I can’t believe I am already 9teen. My family chooses to not wish me on my Bday, but what the hell, I dont seem to mind I think. I am too caught up with my finals prep i think. Sigh. But i want prezzies though.Hmm.

I am still way behind my pals in Uni. I guess they had finished the last quarter of the text book , while I on the other hand, is slothing to complete the first three chapters.  You should understand that the reason I am writing this is solely because I am so bored facing the text book, and rather put my mind off that for a while. Clearly, I am uninspired as of now, but as random as it gets, I had fun yesterday, grocery shopping and having a deep conversation with my wise friend Iz.

And guess what, after our deep conversation (eh why suddenly this phrase reminds me of a 90’s R&B rercord, hmm?) I know have second thoughts in acting. It does not come naturally though, I just thought about it after I talked to her about my future.

Am I, um getting more um… mature?

Oh my God, is this the sign from above that I shouldn’t have loved acting as much as I should?

I thought about it for the whole night, and thought about death. Freaked about a lil bit. Got all teary when I called up one of my closest in UUM. She laughed about it. Eventually got better and calmer. Return to text book, half-forcing, half-voluntarily reading it. Enjoyed some Tokio Hotel vids for a while. Return to text book again. By then it was um 2am? Got all drowsy and decided to sleep. With the lights on. Around six I think my mum got inside my room, checking up on me, who was of course, apparently sleeping. Got up around 1030, browse the Net, and decided to type this, out of boredom.




One comment on “Reminicing?

  1. natasha lai
    November 6, 2009

    hye babe!!! its me…hahaa…
    i have my new blog…so my ex blog should be abolish sudah la okies..
    here the new link
    do u still remember u wanting me to post a blog about my new house n my room?? i think im goin to do tat sooner just for u..aite..
    heart tasha. miss u bebeh! hahaha

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