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What I’m head banging to.

Ok pathetic, I am not talking bout head banging rock music in this post.

Just good, understandable music.


First up, its Anjulie. I discovered her as i was lazily browsing through the channels on tv, and it just so happened that her voice is so pitch-perfect, which makes me love her neo-jazz sounds even more. She’s a Canadian, and like many musicians, she started early. Early as in muda/awal? As in one of her first songs she wrote was ‘Say Goodbye to Jr.High?’ Right. She’s amazing. Lots to love bout her.


And then, there’s La Roux. (pronounced: la- rue)

It’s an electro-pop (as so I called this genre) duo hailing from England, and I find it fascinating that the other member of the duo prefers to be behind the curtains. I read somewhere that one outsider reckons that the vocalist (see picture above) might have a large lesbian fan base. Right. ANYWAY, I love their beats, i think its fresh and they are just the coolest thing since Eurythmics. I am so gonna buy their record. (soon, pabila $$ dah masuk, entah bila lah kann.hmm.)


OK, so I kinda have a thing with Brit music, and English men and violins infused in heavy  rock-ish beats. The last time I am in love with a rock song with the epic orchestral feeling was by the Foo Fighters and it was their song The Pretender that makes me appreciate classical music more. Anyway, like Anjulie, I discovered this band, Starsailor on the telly, and felt flattered that I managed to have new music favourites. Their songs (as i read it from the Wiki) were in the many episodes of One Tree Hill. So check em up NOW. Suka I. =)



Right. The whole world was excited to see RiRi and her boobies. I still can’t find the relevance though, of this picture and her first single, Russian Roulette. The song is very deep, very truthful and super emotional. It’s been on heavy repeat, and I am really feeling RiRi’s emotion up to the point that I wished I can kill Chris Brown. I really can’t wait for this record. This version seems to me that her voice was put into the synthesizer. I somehow have the raw version, and it is better. Anyway, she will BOOM. She will BOOM.

So have an awesome weekend everyone.

And don’t forget to embrace love and good music.


Fat .M.


One comment on “What I’m head banging to.

  1. Wyna Noh
    October 29, 2009

    La Roux is my fav! Somehow i love riri’s cover ( although i don’t get it either- i mean it has nothing to do with the song) but i think she is trying to tell the world im back, dont mess with me and i can make ur life a hell 😉 xx

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