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Well Developed

Maybe, just maybe I am too hyped up bout turning 9teen.maybe. Because out of the blue, I discovered that my physicality had appeared to be more womanly-ier. I have boobs, yes I do, obviously, but today I feel that it had slightly blossomed. At one glance after my shower, I was like,’ Hold on there, what in the world happened to my chest?!’ It looked so womanly all of a sudden.

And then there was the urge. To think, feel and see myself as a woman. A real, a real young woman.

Oh Womanhood, you terrify me.

Case closed. All said and done.

On the other hand, though unexpected, little did I know that I’ll experience some nice thrill in my residential college that I stayed in, besides participating in the theatre production. And there it was,



Just now, today. Around 1259. It pretty much happened as soon as I lay my head on the pillow.(AS.SOON.AS.WTFIKNOWRIGHT?!HMPH.) Then the bell rings. One of my roommates start to moan (hereinafter refers to KH). She was indulging on some burger. And I was trying to sleep, mind you. So KH dragged her legs to the door, looking out, but nothing happened. Closed the door again. I start to get cranky. I NEED MY SLEEP YA KNOW. ENGLISH TEST TOMORROW (EH NOW, APPROXIMATELY IN 7 HOURS TIME.) Then, we heard footsteps. I let out a huge sigh. It was then confirmed that there will be a fire drill,  now that KH and i started to get annoyed with the bell. (It ringed ever so painfully ya know). So i was like (trying to keep ma cool, heh) ‘Maybe I should change my pants.’ So changing my pants was what I did. KH and i dashed out from our niffy room with the other gals, apparently walking like half-waken zombies, and by then I noticed i was wearing my deep pink top, black sweat pants and my fugly neon green slippers. Hmm very Marni SS2010? Not to mention I was um apparently bra-less? With my blossoming chest? Right. Anyway…

DSC01128~me and KH, who was apparently excited, not to mention thrilled bout the fire drill~

And I just so happen to be sitting beside a law student at the tennis court where the whole sat at, as instructed. And she was all like, ‘This is false imprisonment! This is false imprisonment!’ wth? was that a joke? Because if it is, by all means, it disgusted the shit out of me. I was trying to get my sleep a few minutes back and she is now bitchin bout law terms. Nuff said.


DSC01136~pardon the bad quality, its just flames anyway~

The meeting with the fire fighters (as I so call them), was draggy. I can’t hear a word he was saying. Damn. Anyway, I find it disrespectful to talk when someone is talking, explaining to use on how to use that fire extinguisher. At 0105. In the tennis court. hmm, questionable.

I mean, I at least typed these words in my hand phone,but you talked. who? You. YES YOU! Come on, that’s like a sin. (Flame, flame, go away.oh wtf.) Kesian dia. (I pity him.) I felt bad. I was like, My Goodness, my’s reputation is partially tarnished thanks to the future/budding lawyers, dentists, engineers, estate dealers etc, who just CANT KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT 4 A MOMENT.WTH.

Right. Im gonna doze off now.


7 comments on “Well Developed

  1. [sawi]
    October 23, 2009

    hahahahhahaha… entah berapa kali i ulang baca post u ni and seriously lawak gila.haha

    M,the BRA-LESS…:DD

  2. iqqqqt
    October 23, 2009

    GOD.kesian gila laki tu.
    ish ish ish.
    its really bad fr talking while the others sedang
    berceramah.well,thats my habit.
    woi aku dah baik -.-
    rindu lebih byak ♥

  3. FaizSo
    October 24, 2009

    terasa gila wei…
    aku lah manusia y ngah cakap tu…
    sekali kena panggil ke depan kan…
    serve me rite…

  4. yen219
    October 25, 2009

    Walao! Congrats on ur blossoming bossom! ANd uve a nice ass aswell!

    • asille
      November 8, 2009

      UR CRAZY MAN, but appreciate that.heh.

  5. ur rum8-syima
    October 26, 2009

    hey gurl~
    remmber me? ex-rum8 kat kk dlu..
    me n k.taqirah hv been searchg 4 u & at last we fOund ur blog..
    where r u nOw dear?

  6. ur rum8-syima
    October 26, 2009

    hey gurl~
    remmber me? ex-rum8 kat kk dlu..
    me n k.taqirah hv been searchg 4 u & at last we fOund ur blog..
    where r u nOw dear?
    btw, HAPPY 19th BDAY gurl =)

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