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You know fashion always reminds me of the word provocative. Fashion always reminds me of the word fresh. And if you check on Alexander McQueen’s ss2010 collection, you will know what i mean. its definitely PROVOCATIVE AND FRESH.

Who actually got inspired by aliens and the outer space? Who actually made aliens look cool? Who made 12 inch heels possible to walk in?

Of course, Alexander McQ.


APTOPIX France Fashion

France Fashion

France Fashion

What’s this? Elizabeth I meets Princess Lea? STUNNING.

France Fashion

France Fashion

France Fashion

My Goodness, this neck piece is such a beauty, innit? Who’s with me? Can i have a show of hands? Hmm?

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Fashion Show, Paris: Runway

Because i like the color blue, and the puffiness at the bottom, this remains a personal favourite.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Fashion Show, Paris: Runway

France Fashion

Unreal hair and make-up. Suddenly I wanted to become an alien.

APTOPIX France Fashion

Reminds me of an African vase, no?


Buy this for me and I WILL DIE HAPPY.Thanks in advance.=)

France Fashion

Applause for this man! its McQ himself.

Hmm, maybe applause is not enough. We should celebrate his artistic soul with some fireworks in the Parisian air or something. Or you know, feed him with the best organic food to do justice to his brilliant mind. Or give him appreciation by actually, um, purchase the garments?

I always have a fantasy in my mind, you know the kind of fantasy that keeps you wondering. Like i always think that McQ, Galliano and K.Lagerfeld are in some rivalry or something. I know K.Lagerfeld and YSL had some feud going on ages ago, but you know, his dead now, so wth. (rip btw, YSL.) So McQ-Galliano-Lagerfeld. Can’t wait for that. It can even be made as an awesome (and did i mention EPIC, SUPER EPIC) movie?

Its like if one day Madonna-Beyonce and Lady Gaga are rivals suddenly, what one earth will happen to the industry, hmm? Its gonna be totally exciting. To hell those days of BSB v N’SYNC or CHRISTINA v BRITNEY or MILEY v SELENA v DEMI or worse, TOKIO HOTEL v JO BROS. (for real, the JoBros against TH? Duhh, get a life!)

oh ok.this is a fashion post. oh, um sorry?

Lets get back on track.

You know Lady Gaga right? Pants-less and always over the top with her garments. Maybe she should stop wearing Christopher Kane, or Hussein Chalayan, or even Theirry Muglier. Lady G, switch to McQ please! and give pants a try. They are comfortable, too, just so you know. Here’s a great article bout her.



  1. Wyna Noh
    October 19, 2009

    PRECISELY!!! Hail McQ…Just freakin’ brilliant, full stop!

    p/s: thanx for visiting my blog 😉

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