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mika gaga

i always loved musical acts with such originality, not the kind who follow the flow in the music industry. Originality at its best, M I K A had proved the critics wrong that he is NOT  a typical one hit wonderboy. I suppose he is my genertion’s Boy George (sans the avant garde make up). His vocals remind me of Annie Lennox at a point, and suddenly he sounds sooo like himself. That’s a magical thing you know, when you listen to his record, and you will be like ‘Oh he sounds soo much like ———————( insert any other singers here)’ But then, the second you said that, you will be like ‘Oh hang on, no he doesn’t sounds exactly like ———————————(insert any other singers here), he sounds perfectly like himself, in fact.’ Get what i mean?

I’ve bought his concert DVD three years ago if I’m not mistaken, and even though i was not there at the concert, but practically am in front of my telly screen, i must admit that his massive load of creativeness is shown in his great showmanship on stage. He is a terrific singer, multi-talented artist (artistically and musically if you know what i mean), and i just adore his quirky self. I can’t wait to grab hold of his second record!!

One day, i would love to find myself in a moshpit in some London music festival during the summer, watching him sing live. That will be a trully awesome experience.

Here’s one of my maaaaaany favourite songs by him.

images courtesy of mr.paparazzi


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