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Behold world,


She used to work as magician’s assistant, trained as a contemporary dancer, studied in St Martin in theatre direction, a performer in burlesque shows and dance clubs, an actress and of course a singer. Having said that, she is not the kind of person who thinks that ‘Oh I am such an artistic soul. Maybe i should try EVERYTHING that revolves with art’. Yeah, maybe i do not know her personally, but whatever it is (whether she mentioned the above quotation above or not) she is truthfully an awesome singer.

courtesy from Millie Ross

courtesy from Millie Ross

I discovered her as i was browsing the channels on the telly (as if i had nothing to do the whole day, to come and think of it .) Out of the blue, her video clip New York pops out and made my day. i find her quirky in a sense that she just become who she is, and reveals her soul through her music in a certain way that differs her with other Brit singers (or singers in general). Honestly for me, singers like her should deserve more airplays then those now common type of singers, those who are in skin-tight pants, belting out techno-pop songs laced with sexual innuendos. i am so over that already.

She may not be the freshest import from the Brit music world, as she was (as usual, and as expected) being compared to Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Duffy, who sings song in a relatively similar genre. However so, i love her already, and i am now on my way to download all her songs online.

She also starred in one of my favourite movie, which was St Trinians. She acted as an emo-kid and honestly, i enjoyed her acting through out the movie. She’s just too awesome for words. (or maybe my vocabulary is lacking, hmm?)

here is Paloma, far right.

here is Paloma, far right.

My little sis particularly loves thie vid because it have the bowling alley scenes. =)

I love it coz the guy in the vid is kinda cute.

Check this out world.


One comment on “PALOMA OH PALOMA

  1. miralee
    October 14, 2009

    never heard of her…but ur rite…she s awsome! nway, mar, cant wait to hear more from ur blog. n da guy is totally u know wut

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