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the above is a quote by a man who inspired me termendously today.

i am perfectly aware upon the fact that i am a lazy bum whenever there’s a need for me to revise on my studies. Now that my Mock Trial sessions are over, that means there’s no more evening rehearsals, and that also means that i need to face the books AGAIN. sometimes, i just do not understand why i am the unfortunate ones who are infected with this disease.

What i understand is that i am not born brilliant and the only way for me to be at par with my veryhardworkingandgraciouslyflippingbookpages friends is to of course, become HARD WORKING and to stop procrastinating.

Today is day one post-Mock Trial. As of now, i am supposed to be completing my Contract Law tutorials. However, i can stop thinking about this particular man who had inspired me to study harder and to be grateful that i have the privilege to study. People of the world, meet Mr Kimani Muruge.

he doesn't even look up when this picture was taken.

he doesn't even look up when this picture was taken.

He is the oldest pupil in the world and today is the day that he leaves the world. He dies at the age of 90. As i was reading about him through the Net, i can’t stop admiring his determination to study, to know about the facts of life and things like that. During the 1950’s period, he never had the chance to attend school as a boy, and since President Mwai Kibaki’s government had introduce the free primary schooling system, he jumped at the belated chance to educate himself.

What touched me the most is that one of the reason that drives him to keep on studying is that he really wanted to read the Bible himself, because only this he can determine whether the preacher at his place is actually following the Bible or not. Never in my life felt so taken aback with such a simple reasoning to keep on studying. He was also quoted that he would only stop studying if he went blind or dead.

this picture set me crying literally.

this picture set me crying literally.

Reading throught his life had set me thinking. How ungrateful i am when thousands of people across the country would love to be in my shoes, studying in the most coveted Law School in Malaysia. Obviously many people would do anything to get a spot in the Law School i am studying at. And here i am thinking about other acting gigs that i could join and not putting my studies as my top proirity. I am so embarrased at myself. Sigh.

I am doing this (and this refers to me studying hard, flipping law journals and texts day and night) for my parents, because i want them to have a better life in the future. i owe a lot to them and by doing this, it is the only way for me to pay them back eventhough my heart is still in love with the world of performing.

a true inspiration

a true inspiration

Kimani Nganga Marunge is a living proof that an old man, even who leans heavily on a cane and cannot see or hear too well, can still study with the determination and discipline he had in mind. He is a true inspiration to me, and hopefully to many others.

Note to self:

  • Stop procratsinating
  • Stop thinking about other acting gigs for now
  • Become MORE organized

Auf weidhersen for now,




  1. mzrn
    August 22, 2009

    i luv this post the most 🙂 well done marlisa 😀

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