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…The day after i officially agreed upon the fact that i am no longer apart of the cast of the Mock Trial, my day was filled with gloominess. But i am still blessed that i am still apart of the team. BUT I WANT TO ACT SO BADLY. I FELT BAD ENOUGH TO HAVE MY FRIENDS COMING TO SEE ME WHEN THE TRUTH IS THAT I WONT BE ONE OF THE WITNESS.

Coincidentally, maybe it was one of the greatest hikmah from God, the production still needs an actor to fill in the character of the policeman who is in charged to take care of the OKT (aka Orang Kena Tuduh/The Defendant). I immediately offered myself to become the policeman. Cukuplah the Hi-Com dah stress about my boring performance, i just don’t want them to worry about much stuff anymore. So yeah, my new part was a POLICEMAN. And my i emphasise on the word MAN. Yes, I will be acting as a guy people.

Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan

Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan

A minor part, but no less important for me. Its a big role for me to fill in. I never acted as a guy before,so its a challenge for me. They put a wig on me during the show, which makes me look like some fashionable policeman or something, but nevertheless, i worked as hard as i can to become a MAN. i need to brush up on my ‘manly’ gestures just for TWO DAYS. And i am overjoyed when lots of people actually believe that i am a guy, with a wig on. A REAL GUY ACTING AS A POLICEMAN WITH A WIG ON THANK YOU.

I just felt so pleased and blessed that i still have the chance to prove that i can contribute something to the team, after weeks of making them stress about my disappointing performance during rehearsals. This man right here inspires me to stay strong and to become a MAN.



I always admire Cate Blanchett. She’s superbly amazing in portraying different roles and i certainly wish that one day i can be as brilliant as her.

I would like to express my gratefulness toward the Almighty God to give me the determination to go on being a character that is completely different from me. To date, our previous two shows, two nights before was a success, and i hope i can keep up with my character for the last three shows before we wrap up everything.

I learned a lot, truthfully, from being able to stay strong with harsh comments and rejection and all that, and i now understand what does it means being in a family of actors. Everyone need to support each other. And only God knows how thankful enough i am to have friends who listened and pat my back whenever i cry during the nights after a disappointing performance.


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