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i always loved looking at pictures. i always adored how a great photographer managed to capture a magical moment of time that can indeed tell a million words on film. i remembered my first time being in an art gallery, and it was in Bali, Indonesia and i swear to dear God The Almighty that i can just live for the rest of my live staring at the magnificent pictures taken by obviously artistically intellectual souls.

I always loved fashion spreads, especially by Karl Lagerfeld (because hands down everyone in the industry in just plain jealous because he can actually managed an awesome fashion advert), and of course Steven Meisel. (Oh my, i even bought my first Vogue issue because of him!- apart from the fact that Agyness Deyn was featured inside).



Other than that, i love pictures of the sky. i always believed that you can acheive a moment of peace when you just lay down, and stare up at the sky (OH YEAH, harus lah kan di kala petang, agar kulit tidak hitam dan mata tak rosak. ada ke tetiba semangat nak stare at the sky at 12 in the noon.hohoh)

Disneyworld, Paris

Disneyland, Paris

First off, the blue color of the sky gives the element of peacefulness. That is, of course, from what i believe la. I always browse for snapshots of great images of the sky , so every night before i sleep, i can browse through it and be happy about it. okay i know im weird.but wth.

Yours trully also loves pictures taken in water. Don’t ask me why, but i absolutely love it. It is simply artistic. (Haa lepas ni humban rakan sebilik dalam swimiming pool for a great snapshot.Hmm satu idea yang menarik ni.)

i love everything about this picture.

i love everything about this picture.

One day, ONE DAY, i really want to learn photography. I know patience is of the essence, but still, i am somewhat jealous to those people who are in my life, that do photography for a living, and making art for the sake of love.

Here’s a few of my much loved pictures that i browse through whenever i feel like it. Enjoy.

P/S: actually i really wanted to post more of the images, but there’s something wrong with my laptop you see, so yeah. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Peace und liebe,



One comment on “TICKLE ME FANCY

  1. mzrn
    August 22, 2009

    i guess if u hv SLR, u can take great photos 🙂
    good luck mar2 !

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