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When i was younger, i had made a list of the places that i wanted to visit before i die. Now, at the age of eighteen, i practically want to go to all the hotels listed in the Tatler’s 2009 Great Hotels, and Samantha Brown’s Passport to Europe list, as well as the list i made ages ago.

Since i hit puberty, i always day dream  living in Paris, France. i find the language of French really sexy, and of course, apart from my obsession towards the French’s sense of style, is their FOOD. To be exact, the fluffy breads, the amazing lines of pastries, and the crunchy pies. Oh heavenly.

i wanted to go to Paris so badly for the sake of FOOD. i really love to eat, and that is what i do best. (im serious now.) also, i have a sweet tooth, a chocolate addict and a lover for bread loaves. So there you go, the fact that i will be stocking up on unecessary calories seems ridiculous to me all of a sudden. My love for pastries and cakes are beyond words.

There’s two things i never tried before, and i certainly wish i can try it anytime sooner. Up first, the MACAROONS. I wonder how does it tastes like. Crunchy on the outside with creamy filling oozing from the inside? Is it fluffy the moment you sink your teeth in it?

Secondly, i always wanted to taste a MERINGUE. Those dallops of egg whites and sugar combined together, perfectly baked till it have that beautiful shade of tan… i wonder what does it tastes like? Is it crunchy, and as you chew your way to the middle part, will it be extra-chewy? But then i discovered that a macaroon is actually two peices of meringue sandwiched together with a jelly/cream filling. Sigh. I kept on questioning myself all of these shits. I really need to get a life.

Oh yeah, have anyone watched Julie and Julia lately? The movie sounds and looks interesting, and i have the slight intention to watch it, really. Can’t wait for that.


One comment on “MY AFFAIR WITH PARIS.

  1. wyna noh
    August 17, 2009

    cool blog 😉 btw, macaroons taste really sweet and i just love it coz it looks so cute and taste so good. You can get it over here btw, they have it at Equatorial Hotel’s bakery. But for the more creamy n delicious macaroons, u hv to go to Paris (thts wht ppl say la) Anyhow, I must say macaroons always look so pretty in photos 🙂 x

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